Experience Crete in a different way... on the trails of Gods... an island between sky and earth!

Since 1988 we offer our guests the opportunity to touch a Myth... the original Crete!

We offer:

  • Roundtrips of Crete
  • Nature and mountain walks
  • Private trips
  • Visits to archaelogical and cultural sites
  • Organized trips with our modern air-conditioned touring buses, under guidence of experienced and trained tour-guides
  • Boat trips
  • Excursion packages
Tourist Bus

We undertake:

  • Rent a Car
  • Booking of Hotels, Villas, Apartments
  • Air charters

We organize:

  • Congresses
  • Incentives
  • Symposiums

Tourist Buses

The services that we offer and the luxury of our tourist buses hired for transportation throughout the island, make us unbeatable since we offer:

  • Transportation to and from all airports and ports of Crete.
  • Transfers and excursions throughout the island with an extremely polite and friendly staff.
  • Driver speaks foreign languages
  • Direct Response
  • School Trips
Tourist Bus

Group for Germans

We are experts in groups with Germans.

We offer:

  • Tours
  • Naturalist excursions
  • Visits archaeological and cultural places
  • The tour of Crete

with excellent guides and leads in German.